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We exist to create clarity and purpose in life.

In pursuit of peace of mind, families should have a clear understanding of how markets work and how their money is invested. Having clarity around your money and investments can help eliminate making destructive investment decisions. Most importantly, families must create a purpose for their life and align their investments with their purpose. We assert that there is a purpose for your money greater than simply having more money.

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First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching

We stand firm against stock picking, market timing, and track record investing.

Financial Coaching is a combination of academic investing principles, behavioral investing science, and the power of coaching. We help you create a purpose for your money, and you have the opportunity to align your investments to fulfill on that purpose. Empirically tested, Nobel Prize winning investing principles drive your investment decisions, not stock picking, market timing, or using past performance. Financial Coaching can empower families to remain disciplined for a lifetime.

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Our mission is to be a contribution to the world through education and coaching of academic investing principles.

Our Financial Coaches have educated thousands of investors on what we believe are the unnecessary risks of active management and trying to predict the stock market.

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We’re more than just financial advisors. We’re a team of Financial Coaches who are trained and dedicated to helping families achieve their American Dream.

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