First Financial Coaching First Financial Coaching

Investing and Finances, designed with science, supported by coaching.

We are committed to helping people make clear purposeful choices with their money and their life.

Through meaningful conversation and exploration, we strive to help families, businesses, and organizations be more clear about their purpose, see their path ahead, and know what is required to get there.

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First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching

We are not here to simply invest your money.

First and foremost, we are here to help train and develop you to see your finances and life from a new vantage point. We believe this allows for the choices you make to be clear and effective. We invest in you first, before you invest with us.

  • 90 min conversation with a Coach called the Investor Inventory - this conversation alone may alter how you see investing and money forever.

  • Get trained and developed - participate in one of our investing experience programs held in person or virtual via Zoom. You may discover how science can make a difference for your investment strategy.

  • In Action - after training, we will analyze your current investments and reveal the use or absence of Nobel Prize winning investing science. Additionally, you'll receive a complementary financial assessment: you'll have a bird’s eye view of your financial life and a system to monitor your financial health.

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Our mission is to be a contribution to the world through education and coaching of academic investing principles.

Our Financial Coaches have educated thousands of investors on what we believe are the unnecessary risks of active management and trying to predict the stock market.

We are ready when you are ready to get started.

Start your journey towards financial clarity.

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