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In 1991, we began coaching families on the academic investing principles championed by Matson Money. Understanding and applying the science of academic investing principles and investor behavior can help families invest for their lifetime without the need to stock pick, market time, or find the best manager year after year.

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There are two worlds of investing

The default world of investing is at its very core, speculation and gambling with your money based on a forecast or prediction about the future. We all know that no one can predict the future with any degree of certainty or reliability. Yet most people truly believe that a forecast or prediction will help them make good investment decisions.

What is available for investors is a method of investing that’s not based on a prediction or forecast about the future. This method is created out of Nobel Prize winning, empirically tested, academic investing principles. Most importantly, families have a coach to help stay disciplined in all market conditions and avoid making destructive emotion-based decisions.

First Financial Coaching


We have a strategic partnership with Matson Money, an investment management company which has created a method of investing that applies the empirically tested, academic research from two Nobel prize winners; Dr. Eugene Fama and Dr. Harry Markowitz, along with academics in the field of behavioral finance; Dr. Terrance O’Dean and Dr. Meir Statman. The result is prudent, globally diversified portfolios for our investors.

First Financial Coaching

Investor Behavior

As humans, we have cognitive biases. They exist in our subconscious and help us make quick decisions. However, our biases don’t always lead us to make the right decisions, especially with money and investing. Having a Financial Coach can help empower you to remain disciplined in all market conditions and help prevent mistakes from occurring that could cause harm to your financial future.

First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching


Most high performers in life have followed a simple formula: create a goal, find someone who has done it before, and get coached. Our Financial Coaches seek to empower families to discover their purpose in life, and align their money with their purpose. A Financial Coach can take a powerful stand for your family and your American Dream, that which is most important to you. We can help educate and train you, as an investor, to identify the persistent attacks by financial media, society, and our own biases that cause us to take unnecessary risks with our money. Having a Financial Coach can help empower you to remain disciplined in all market conditions and help prevent mistakes from occurring that could cause harm to your financial future. We are not facilitators. We stand firm against stock picking, market timing, and track record investing.

Our process is uniform for all the families we serve.

01. The Investor Inventory

The Investor Inventory is a meaningful conversation with your Financial Coach that helps you get crystal clear concerning your current relationship with money and what it will take for you to achieve peace of mind. Being truthful with yourself about your finances and their impact in your life is the most important step towards a clear plan of action.

02. The American Dream Experience

You will discover what investing really is and how it can help you align your investments with your purpose. The time you spend learning life-altering truths about money may be two of the most inspiring and informative days of your life.

03. The Portfolio MRI

The Portfolio MRIⓇ is a diagnostic assessment of the asset allocations within your investment portfolio. It estimates the mix of your current portfolio and simulates its historical risk and reward characteristics. By comparing these characteristics against those of broadly diversified portfolios with an asset allocation policy based on Nobel Prize winning investing science, you can plainly see the potential differences in past performance between various mixes or styles of investment portfolios and your own.

First Financial Coaching

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