Where academic investing principles and the science of investor behavior meet.

In 1991, we adopted academic investing principles, specifically Modern Portfolio Theory. A new world opened up for families to create a life-long investment plan without picking stocks, timing the market, or trying to find the best manager year after year.

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There are two worlds of investing

The default world of investing is picking stocks, timing the market, or finding someone who has done well in the past. All over the world, investors believe these traditional strategies are required to grow wealth in the stock market. There is a collective belief that the “best way to play the stock market” is to diligently follow the news, analyze vast amounts of market data, and subscribe to stock picking newsletters. Even in doing so, investors are still left with the realization that these strategies require the ability to consistently predict the future.

In the new world of investing, families can utilize Nobel Prize winning theories and behavioral investing science to guide their investment decisions and have a Coach to help keep them disciplined. Utilizing Modern Portfolio Theory, the Three Factor Model, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis, you no longer have to stock pick, market time or examine track records. As your Financial Coach, we take a powerful stand against speculating and gambling with your money. Our goal is to help you focus on living your life, rather than obsessing about your assets.

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We utilize an invest program called the Matson Method. This method was created and is practiced as the Nobel Laureates and academics intended, without added personal opinions or beliefs. Dr. Harry Markowitz won the Nobel Prize for Modern Portfolio Theory which demonstrates that diversification across uncorrelated asset classes reduces risk and increases return. The Three Factor Model seeks to identify areas of the market that have a higher potential for return over the long term. The Efficient Market Hypothesis asserts that all the knowable and unknowable information is already factored into the stock price, which makes predicting future price movements impossible.

First Financial Coaching

Investor Behavior

Behavioral finance is an entire professional field that exists to further our understanding of our behavior around investments and money. We help educate investors about inherent investing biases that exist in our subconscious. Biases occur as common-sense knowledge, and it feels like the right thing to do. It is crucial to be trained in identifying investing biases in order to make prudent investment decisions.

First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching


Most high performers in life have followed a simple formula: create a goal, find someone who has done it before, and get coached. Our Financial Coaches seek to empower families to discover their purpose in life, and align their money with their purpose. A Financial Coach can take a powerful stand for your family and your American Dream, that which is most important to you. We can help educate and train you, as an investor, to identify the persistent attacks by financial media, society, and our own biases that cause us to take unnecessary risks with our money. Having a Financial Coach can help empower you to remain disciplined in all market conditions and help prevent mistakes from occurring that could cause harm to your financial future. We are not facilitators. We stand firm against stock picking, market timing, and track record investing.

Our process is uniform for all the families we serve.

01. The Investor Inventory

A virtual or in-person complimentary meeting that may help you discover what you know, don’t know, and what you don’t know that you don’t know about investing.

02. The American Dream Experience

A unique, two-day event that can help empower families to recapture their American Dream, leaving them with freedom, fulfillment, and love.

03. The Portfolio MRI

We’ll take a deep dive into your current investments and provide an in-depth, comprehensive analysis about your current portfolio. The Portfolio MRI is intended to help you discover your risk tolerance and determine if your current portfolio is aligned with your financial objectives.

First Financial Coaching

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