We are here to support you in achieving your financial purpose with structured strategies which are designed with science.

What we are not:

  • We are not facilitators

  • We are not people pleasers

  • We are not forecasters or prognosticators

What we are:

  • We are educators

  • We are disciplined

  • We are Financial Coaches!

First Financial Coaching

Structured Strategies

We're the opposite of what you're used to, and that may be exactly the change you're seeking. We utilize investing science to manage investment portfolios. Financial Freedom isn't a destination, it’s a mindset. Through intentionally structured design it is possible to reduce financial stress related to making, saving, and spending money.

First Financial Coaching

Structured Investment Strategies

We utilize Nobel Prize winning, empirically tested, academic investing principles and research that has been applied to help investors improve their long-term investment results.

First Financial Coaching

Structured Cash Flow Strategies

Before you can invest, you must be able to save. Regardless of your financial standing, everyone can benefit from optimized cash flow. When examined, you will be shocked by how much of your money has no purpose. It is possible to know you’re saving enough for the future and enjoy life now.

First Financial Coaching
First Financial Coaching

Measured Results

"I'm doing pretty good" isn't good enough. We're proud to work with companies that adhere to Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) returns that are audited and verified. Along with investment returns, your financial life also has health metrics. Through disciplined coaching, we aim to help you maintain or improve your financial health.

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