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We’re more than a financial company, we are a coaching company.

At First Financial Coaching, we believe there is a transformative power in having clarity and purpose in one's financial journey. Purpose isn't just a lofty ideal; it's an essential cornerstone in the creation of your wealth. When you approach your finances with a clear purpose, it equips you to face life’s uncertainties and market fluctuations with confidence. It's not about promising an easy route, but empowering you with a compass in navigating your unique financial landscape.

Our mission is to be a contribution to the world through the education and coaching of academic investing principles. For three decades, we have passionately coached and guided thousands of families, shedding light on the misconceptions often associated with investing. Our focus is to unveil the potential of a scientifically designed investment strategy that resonates with your financial aspirations.

First Financial Coaching

Core Values

01. Integrity

We are our word. Integrity is the foundation of our organization.

02. Family

We believe family is a team built on support, respect, and love. As a multi-generational organization, we are committed to coaching and guiding families for a lifetime.

03. Communication

We are committed to listening and understanding. Only then can communication be clear and effective.

04. Free Markets

We believe in freedom, competition, innovation, and wealth creation.

Our Vision: A world where families have freedom and peace of mind, leaving all generations with the fulfillment and the experience of the American Dream.

First Fiancial Studio Days

Contrary to popular belief, having a coach is not a weakness. We’ve discovered that coaching is the secret weapon that most high performers have on their side when pursuing their life’s purpose. Our coaches have developed themselves to help empower families from all walks of life and take a powerful stand for your family and your American Dream.

We coach families to fundamentally alter their relationship with money. From a place where the amount of money you have is a measure of success, to a new relationship where money is simply a tool available for the fulfillment of your purpose in life. Our coaches have a steadfast commitment to your created future.

Our Team of Dedicated Professionals

William F. Furest, Jr., RFC®

Founder • Retired

Jeffrey C. Furest, CFP®, RFC®, AIF®, LUTCF

President & Financial Coach • Michigan

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Michael N. Sarcheck, RFC®, AIF®, LUTCF

Vice President & Financial Coach • Michigan

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Jonathan C. Furest, RFC®

Financial Coach • Michigan

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Wm. “Wesley” Reed III, AIF®, RFC®, RICP

Financial Coach • Texas

Janet “Scotchie” Harrington, LUTCF, RFC®

Financial Coach • Texas

Mac Fitzhugh

Financial Coach • North Carolina

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Jim Bevins

Financial Coach • Kentucky

Frank P. Orzel

Financial Coach – Frank P. Orzel and Associates • Chicago, IL

Karen Ward

Controller & Executive Administrator • Michigan

Sara Martinez

Executive Administrator / Office Manager • Texas

We are committed to creating a future together.

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