Our Vision: A world where families have freedom and peace of mind, leaving all generations with the fulfillment and the experience of the American Dream.

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We exist to create clarity and purpose in life. No one can afford to make mistakes with their investments. We’ve found that most destructive investment decisions can be eliminated by having clarity on how investing really works, and by having an inspiring purpose for your money.

Our mission is to be a contribution to the world through education and coaching of academic investing principles. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn and utilize the Nobel Prize winning, empirically tested, academic investing principles.

President & Financial Coach

Jeffrey C. Furest, CFP®, RFC®, AIF®, LUTCF

Jeff is President and Chief Compliance Officer of First Financial Coaching, Inc., with over 35 years’ experience in financial coaching and consulting. Jeff works with families, small to medium size business owners, and non-profit organizations. Early in his career, Jeff helped launch First Financial Coaching as one of southeastern Michigan’s premier financial education seminar providers for private and public organizations, including colleges, public corporations and associations.

Jeff lives within the company’s mission to save the investor through education and coaching. This is accomplished through the American Dream Experience® - specifically “Creating Your True Purpose for Money” – that is creating your true purpose, that which is more important than money itself. Discovering your true purpose has the potential to transform your relationship to money and the people you love for the rest of your life.

Jeff is an active member of Selfridge Air National Guard - Base Community Council, one of the country’s largest independent business organizations supporting the base and its military families. He is a 25-year member and Past President of the Mount Clemens Rotary Club, and he is President Elect for 2021 – 2022. He is also a major donor to the Rotary International Endowment Fund and Paul Harris Society in the fight to eradicate polio worldwide.

Jeff enjoys travel, woodworking, fishing and golfing. He is a lifelong resident of Macomb County, Michigan with his wife, Angela, and takes pride in his son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Melissa, and his daughter, Jordan.

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Vice President & Financial Coach

Michael N. Sarcheck, RFC®, AIF®, LUTCF

Mike is Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of First Financial Coaching, Inc. and has been with the firm since 1999. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management.

Working as a Financial Coach, Mike has over 20 years of experience and credentials to coach families and businesses at all levels. Mike focuses on helping align his clients’ investments with their true purpose for life. This is accomplished by a method that combines academic investing science with behavioral science ultimately helping families invest without needing to gamble and speculate with their money.

Active in the community, Mike is a 15-year member and Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Mount Clemens and has served as a member or officer of many other local community organizations over the years.

Mike resides in Macomb Township, Michigan with his wife, Mary and son, Michael (M.J.). Mike is an avid car enthusiast, and he enjoys many outdoor activities which include boating, hunting, and fishing with his family and friends.

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Financial Coach

Jonathan C. Furest, RFC®

Jon is a Financial Coach at First Financial Coaching, Inc. He focuses on saving families and small businesses from speculating and gambling with their money. Jon is fully licensed as an Investment Advisor Representative. He studied at Grand Valley State University before joining the firm in 2014. Jon has been instrumental in the development of First Financial Coaching’s media and technology platforms.

Jon’s true purpose for life is to help families create freedom for themselves and create their purpose in life. By helping families identify and connect with their true purpose for their money, they have the opportunity to invest based on academic investing principles, rather than strategies based in speculation.

Actively involved with the Macomb Chamber of Commerce, Jon serves as an Ambassador, helping foster greater economic activity within the local community. Jon is also a member of the Public Policy Committee, encouraging and supporting initiatives that benefit the community and improve economic conditions for businesses and their employees.

Outside of the office, Jon is an avid hiker and golfer, and enjoys drawing natural landscapes. He resides in Sterling Heights, Michigan with his wife Melissa.

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