Mac Fitzhugh,

Financial Coach • North Carolina

Mac is a financial coach at First Financial Coaching, based in their North Carolina office. He is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative. Originally from the Washington DC area, Mac relocated with his wife and three children to Southport, North Carolina in 2006. Mac’s professional journey began as an insurance agent and later transitioned into money management in 2009.

In 2010, Mac had a pivotal moment in his career when he was introduced to academic investing principles. It was then that he realized a more effective approach for investors to handle their money and emotions.

Mac’s ultimate purpose in life is to help create clarity and freedom for generations of families. He strongly believes that helping individuals discover their true life’s purpose can significantly enhance their lives and overall investing experience.

Outside of work, Mac enjoys playing golf and coaching high school basketball. He is also actively involved in youth development through Powerhouse Warriors Ministries and Generations Church. 

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