The American Dream Experience: Investing Reimagined

The American Dream Experience is a powerful group seminar that invites investors to consider life-altering truths about the empirical and behavioral dimensions of wealth creation. Whether you’re a longstanding investor or complete financial novice, you can discover things about financial markets, and about yourself, that empower you to make sound decisions about your financial future.

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A Surprising and Immediate Impact

In the American Dream Experience, you begin by identifying a purpose for your life that is greater than money. This has a surprising and immediate impact on your relationship with money, shifting the lens through which you view the world from one of scarcity to one of abundance. The American Dream Experience then breaks down Nobel Prize-winning economic research into principles that can easily be understood and applied.

This is an important first step in freeing yourself from stock picking, market timing, and track record investing – investing behaviors that are akin to speculating and gambling with your money. This knowledge can have a significant impact on your capacity for long-term wealth creation.

The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing.

The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing. When you attend the American Dream Experience, you’ll engage in a profound exploration of your family’s financial future. Unlike any financial training on the market, this is your opportunity to discover what investing really is, how it works, and how it can fulfill on your purpose for your life. You will have the opportunity, over two days and an evening, to alter your relationship to money and investing in a way that leaves you and those you care about powerfully pursuing your dreams.

The American Dream Experience is a breakthrough in financial education designed to be pitch free, so you are left empowered to be at choice around money and your purpose. If you’re committed to creating a life of freedom for you and your family, you can benefit from The American Dream Experience.

American Dream Experience
DISCLAIMER: The American Dream Experience presentation is based on the views of Matson Money, Inc. Other persons may analyze investments and the approach to investing from a different perspective than that reflected in this presentation. Nothing included In the American Dream Experience is intended to infer that the approach to investing espoused in this presentation will assure any particular investment results. All investing involves risks and costs. No investment strategy, including asset allocation and diversification strategies, can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss.

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